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Stich Angell lawyers are among the top defense lawyers in the liquor liability area. Liquor Liability, sometimes known as “dram shop,” concerns the liability requirements of bars, restaurants, and other industries that provide and sell alcohol. Liquor liability cases occur when visibly intoxicated individuals are served more alcohol, when alcohol is served outside the permissible time period, or when minors are over-served. Dram shop claims can be difficult cases to defend, and you need experienced counsel to defend your establishment. Stich Angell lawyers provide the experience and strong representation you need.

Stich Angell lawyers have decades of experience representing businesses, including restaurants and merchants, against premises liability claims. We understand that early investigation and documentation is critical to the defense of these claims. Stich Angell lawyers are experienced at defending claims of all types of claims arising out of operation of retail and hospitality businesses, including injuries related to slips-and-falls, collapsing in-store displays and merchandise, and faulty equipment, including escalators, elevators, and amusement park rides.

Stich Angell lawyers also have extensive experience involving claims implicating security issues and intentional acts by employees or third-parties. We are also experienced in defending dignitary harm claims, including issues of shopkeeper privilege, false imprisonment, and defamation arising out of retail and hospitality operations.

Employers in the retail and hospitality industry need to have up-to-date knowledge regarding the latest employment, discrimination, and wage-and-hour laws. When working with shift employees and hourly employees on a flexible schedule, an employer needs to be prepared to understand the latest laws and regulations. Stich Angell lawyers are able to answer your questions regarding employment law issues in the retail and hospitality industry.

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