Stich Angell is a full-service civil litigation firm with extensive experience in a broad range of practice areas. Since 1971, lawyers at Stich, Angell have represented thousands of businesses, individuals, and organizations in all areas of civil litigation. Over its four decades, Stich Angell has firmly established a reputation as an exceptional civil litigation and insurance defense firm. Our experience, expertise, and character runs deep. Our trial and appellate attorneys are among the most highly-respected civil trial attorneys in the state. Although we are a Minnesota law firm, we represent clients throughout the country.

Our lawyers today still reflect the ethical and professional values of our founding partners: steadfast and excellent representation of the client’s best interests, respectful of both the court and opposing counsel, and diligently well prepared on both the facts and the law. While in court and in negotiations we are tenacious in fighting where it matters, we are also mindful of the client’s bottom line, and will not act to unnecessarily increase legal fees by involvement in unnecessary matters. Our founding partners have garnered a stellar reputation within the local legal community, and we are committed to ensuring that reputation endures.

Our attorneys’ collective trial skill is second-to-none. In these days of decreasing jury trials, hiring a defense lawyer highly experienced in taking a case to trial can mean the difference between grossly overpaying and a favorable result. Stich Angell lawyers can make that difference for you, with our extensive experience before Minnesota juries and courts. Whatever your need, if you need legal help with a civil case in Minnesota, Wisconsin or North Dakota, Stich Angell would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can assist you with your legal needs.