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Over its four decades, Stich Angell has firmly established a reputation as one of Minnesota’s premier insurance defense firms. Our trial and appellate lawyers are among the most highly-respected in the state.

Stich Angell lawyers have extensive experience litigating all types of first and third-party insurance issues before Minnesota juries and appellate courts. Whatever your company’s need, be it representation of your company in a first-party case or representation of your insured in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota, Stich Angell welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs.

Stich Angell recognizes the critically important role that the initial evaluation and determination of insurance coverage has in shaping the course and scope of the claims-handling and litigation process. Beginning with our thorough interpretation of the parties’ rights and obligations under applicable policies, we are committed to protecting the insurer’s best interests by providing fair, balanced, and thoughtful coverage opinions. By doing so, we ensure that the initial claims decisions are supportable and defensible throughout all potential stages of litigation, including motions and appeals.

Our extensive experience and excellence in service to insurers in coverage matters extends to all lines of insurance, including comprehensive general liability, commercial, automobile, excess and umbrella, homeowners, professional liability, errors and omissions, and life, accident, and health policies. We have successfully litigated insurance coverage issues throughout the state and federal courts, including to the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Stich Angell’s established history representing insurers, companies, and individuals in personal injury, no-fault, construction defect, and insurance coverage cases dovetails into the experience that we bring to bear in subrogation claims for our clients. We are skilled in navigating the complex issues that arise under ERISA, contractual indemnification clauses, insurance and reinsurance policies, and state and federal law. We have demonstrated success in pursuing, and defending against, the recovery of funds in health care reimbursement, fire loss, construction defect, and no-fault subrogation claims.

When the stakes increase, so does the need for qualified counsel with experience in reinsurance litigation. With its expertise and knowledge in this highly specialized industry, Stich Angell has been successfully handling reinsurance cases for years, securing substantial judgments on behalf of health and liability insurers.

Investigating and defending against fraudulent claims requires the attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of justice that defines Stich Angell. We recognize that fraudulent claims undermine the legal system as a whole, and we strive to add integrity to that system with our insurance fraud defense practice.

Our experience covers the gamut of institutional and individual fraud, involving healthcare providers, arson, property loss, and automobile accidents. Our diligent, committed, and common-sense approach has helped us to craft creative strategies and appropriate pre-litigation resolutions to such claims whenever possible, while at the same time building a strong foundation to assertively and successfully represent insurers in declaratory judgment actions, first- and third-party litigation, and no-fault arbitrations.

We value the opportunity to counsel and advise insurers on the developing trends, applicable law, and opportunities to detect and prevent fraud from the outset.

With more than forty years of experience, Stich Angell has a stellar reputation for its honest and ethical representation of its clients and handling of the cases that come before us. We know that insurers share the same core value of maintaining that reputation in their own business practices.

As threats and penalties associated with claims of bad faith increase, Stich Angell lawyers assist insurers in determining and complying with their rights and obligations under all applicable claims practices and handling statutes and regulations, to proactively avoid unfounded bad faith and similar extra-contractual allegations that are potentially damaging to an insurer’s reputation. In the unfortunate instances where litigation is unavoidable, we zealously defend insurers against such claims.

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