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Employment and discrimination law is a complex area of law, with state and federal statutes, rules and regulations that must be followed. Stich Angell has a robust employment and discrimination law practice. We focus on defending employers, schools, retail, restaurants and other organizations from a wide variety of claims. We have experience in defending all types of cases, including wage and hour law, drug testing, hiring and firing, age discrimination, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, disability, ADA access, housing discrimination and education discrimination. In addition to litigating cases, Stich Angel provides in-house training to prevent an employment law claim from arising. If a claim does arise, we are the experience litigators you need to defend your business.
With ever-changing employment rules, employers need a trusted firm to provide not only employment advice to prevent a lawsuit, but also strong counsel should litigation arise. Stich Angell has a long history of defending both large and small employers in all types of employment discrimination claims. Our experienced lawyers have successfully defended claims for disability, age, pregnancy, gender, and religious discrimination claims in the workplace. We are prepared to protect and defend you in all types of employment-related claims.
Employment disputes can be one of the most difficult challenges an employer can face. Stich Angell understands that employers need to be prepared not only for discrimination claims, but also for claims such as Whistleblower, drug testing, wage and hour claims, non-compete issues and FMLA leave. The employment group at Stich Angell has experience is providing training to prevent an employment law claim from occurring and defending employers when a claim does arise.
Stich Angell lawyers understand the unique legal needs of schools and educators and we are here to assist you in whatever claim may be asserted against you. Our experienced lawyers have advised and defended educators and educational institutions in all types of discrimination, from student claims of discrimination to employee/educator claims against the school. Stich Angell lawyers stand ready to help your institution with any issue or question you may have.
The ADA, and other state statutes, requires owners of properties to make property accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. When an issue of ADA compliance arises, the experienced lawyers at Stich Angell can assist and defend you.
Housing discrimination claims can arise in many ways, from rental issues to issues in buying and selling property. Housing discrimination can be based on race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, family, and financial abilities. Stich Angell is here to help you defend against claims of housing discrimination.

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