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Over its four decades, Stich Angell has firmly established a reputation as an exceptional civil litigation and insurance defense firm. Our trial and appellate lawyers are among the most highly-respected in the state. Our lawyers’ collective civil litigation trial skill is second-to-none. In these days of decreasing jury trials, hiring a defense lawyer highly experienced in taking a case to trial can mean the difference between disaster and a favorable result. Stich Angell lawyers can make that difference for you, with our extensive experience before Minnesota juries and appellate courts. Whatever your need, whether a civil case in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota, Stich Angell would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs.
Stich Angell lawyers have extensive experience representing defendants in claims involving personal injury and wrongful death. From auto injuries to workplace accidents to injuries and deaths caused by defective products, our lawyers are committed to understanding the unique nuances of each case, and reaching the best result for every client, whether that is early settlement, motions to dismiss the case, mediated settlement, or trial. We represent individuals, businesses, property owners, and employers during all stages of litigation, from inception through discovery, motions, and trial.
When slips, falls, and other injuries occur within homes and businesses, Stich Angell lawyers have years of experience successfully defending property owners from claims for damages by persons claiming harm due to the condition of real property. Premises liability claims may concern differing standards of care depending on the status of the injured party, and cover the gamut from defectively constructed or maintained stairways to substances spilled on the floor. Our lawyers have experience delving into the details of the claimed property defect and applying the appropriate standard to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, whether through dismissal via summary judgment, or resolution at mediation or trial.
Stich Angell lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in representing a wide variety of clients, both individuals and corporations, involved in business disputes, including enforcement and defense of contracts (including contractual indemnity issues), employment contracts (including non-compete agreements), and sales agreements. We can help you negotiate a resolution of your dispute short of litigation, and can represent you thoughtfully and assertively should the matter result in a lawsuit. We can also help you draft and negotiate agreements to better protect your interests and prevent involvement in claims and lawsuits. The best defense to a contract action is proactive and careful drafting in order to prevent disputes from arising later.
Stich Angell’s expertise represent and defend professionals including lawyers, physicians, architects, and engineers, in a wide variety of matters such as errors and omissions claims, licensing, and disciplinary matters and claims involving both professional negligence and intentional torts. We also represent hospitals, clinics, care facilities, and their employers. Should you require assistance with a matter that calls your professional standards into question, contact the lawyers at Stich Angell.
Stich Angell lawyers have developed an expertise in both prosecuting and defending against healthcare subrogation claims. With numerous successful six figure recoveries to their credit over the last five years, subrogation is a growing area of practice for our lawyers. Typical issues include adjudicating ERISA, Medicare, and workers compensation interests through motion, arbitration, and/or trial.

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