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Stich Angell’s litigation services include assessing and preserving legal issues at trial and in pre-trial motions, for purposes of defending trial court decisions in the event of appeal or affirmatively appealing unfavorable outcomes. Our appellate attorneys are able to provide expert advice and counsel concerning whether an appeal should be taken, as well as defining the appropriate issues and approaches that will best present your case at the appellate level. We have successfully handled appeals on a wide variety of legal issues including construction defect, contractual indemnification, employment discrimination, insurance coverage, premises liability, personal injury, products liability and sex abuse.

We understand that handling appeals involves a different skill set than trying a case, and includes consideration of not only the strict procedural requirements of the appellate courts, but the limited kind of relief that appellate courts can provide. Appeals are not “do-overs,” but are instead based on the record established before the trial court and presented to the appellate court in the form of written briefs, in combination with very limited oral arguments. Our appellate lawyers perfect appeals arising out of litigated matters handled by other attorneys within the firm, and also assist other firms and companies requiring assistance on appellate matters initially handled by others. They also teach appellate advocacy to law school students and lecture on appellate topics at continuing legal education seminars. Should you require assistance with regard to an appeal, contact the head of our Appellate Practice Group, Kirsten (“Kit”) Hansen.

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