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Cara Passaro and Bailey Stubbe Prevail on Motion for Summary Judgment in a Nuisance Case

Ms. Passaro and Ms. Stubbe were defending homeowners who had constructed a substantial addition to their lake home pursuant to a variance.  The adjoining neighbors brought a Nuisance claim arguing that the addition (that had been completed years before) blocked their lake views, and was constructed in a manner that violated the variance conditions.  Those […]

Cara Passaro Prevails on Contractual Indemnity Motion

The trial court granted Ms. Passaro’s Motion for Summary Judgment in a subrogation case on the argument that the Defendant was in breach of the contractual indemnity provisions in the rental agreement where the construction equipment that was rented was destroyed by fire while in Defendant’s custody and control. With instagram likes provided by The […]

Cara Passaro Prevails in Premises Liability Case

The Minnesota Court of Appeals Affirms and the Minnesota Supreme Court Denies the Petition for Review in Cara Passaro’s $1.9 Million Premises Liability Case. The Plaintiff was injured when he stepped into a sump pump basket with an unsecured cover while touring a foreclosed home. The Plaintiff had suffered a broken ankle which required fusion, […]