Michael Kreidler obtains defense summary judgment in traumatic brain injury negligence case.

Michael Kreidler obtained summary judgment for ABRA Automotive Systems in a traumatic brain injury negligence case concerning allegedly deficient autobody repair services provided on a rental vehicle. Plaintiff claimed ABRA failed to properly examine a tire on a rental vehicle damaged in a minor accident, and that as a result, the tire blew and caused a one-car accident four months later. In an Order issued on March 7, 2016, Hennepin County District Court Judge Bridget Sullivan concluded that Plaintiff failed to meet his burden of demonstrating that ABRA (and co-defendant Enterprise Leasing Company) owed and breached a duty of care with regard to the tire, and additionally failed to present evidence creating a genuine issue of material fact on the essential element of causation. The summary judgment Order also notes that the Court intends to grant Defendants’ companion motions to exclude the testimony of Plaintiffs’ three expert witnesses,.